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Snaggle Snig updated app by Funnyguy1444
Snaggle Snig updated app
:bulletred: [ Name ] :bulletred: 
Snaggle Snig [Snag for short] 

:bulletred: [ Alias/ Nicknames ] :bulletred:

Bullet; Red [ Age/ Age equivalent ] Bullet; Red 

Bullet; Red [ Gender ] Bullet; Red 
Technically he lacks proper identity but prefers masculine association.

:bulletred: [ Date of birth ] :bulletred:
October 13 

:bulletred: [ Nationality ] :bulletred:

Bullet; Red [ Species/ Ethnicity ] Bullet; Red 
A Goblin is a small green humanoid that spawns from dirt of goblin fertile lands. Goblin holes are the foundation of a goblins society and batches come in yearly. The goblin is a greedy and rude creature with an attachment to the darker nature of mankind. Often seen as servents of darkness the goblin is less than favored upon.

Bullet; Red [ Height ] Bullet; Red 

:bulletred: [ Weight ] :bulletred:
104 lbs

Bullet; Red [ Personality ] Bullet; Red 

Snag is somewhat grouchy and disgruntled about most things in a casual setting. He is however easily exciteable when self gain is within his grasp and quickly gains some pep and intrigue, starting up the old idea board when he gets going. Snag is very ambitious, setting new goals and trying to create a new contraption to help him achieve it. He has a very stubborn ideology that has him stick to a goal through thick and thin for the reward he gets, whether big or small, is always worth his devotion.

Bullet; Red [ History ] Bullet; Red 

Snag hails from a city of goblins deep within an undisclosed mountain region where things are always bustling and filled with arguments and loud cranks from machines. He has always seen himself as a higher than average goblin with more smarts than he needs to become the richest and most respectable goblin. His city has been in constant turmoil over who can make the most profit and how. His ultimate goal was to claim this title for an untold millennia. He began to research ways to make his ideas the best there was when he realized that the information in his city was nothing but lies told by like-minded goblins such as he, trying to keep their ideas that have influenced the city to be unbeatable. These writings have been established for millenia and have kept ambitious goblins such as snag below the peak of brilliance.
Seemingly defeated Snag began a string of quirky and random methods of reaching wealth. His attempts were often unstable in nature and could'nt get him the profit he wanted. Without a proper way to learn he imagined his goal was hopeless and began to isolate himself from all, including his brothers.
One day however his brother tossed him a single small letter adressed to him in the mail. Expecting a note of ridicule or an invitation to a ceremony of some sort he hesitantly opened it. What awaited him was a nice suprise. An invitation of some sort to Legacy academy. A place where he could supposedly break the barriers set upon him so that he could rise in intellect and create like he was meant to.

:bulletred: [Attending the academy] :bulletred:

During his initial stay at the academy Snag was creating and selling possibly dangerous potions without any proper test results of their effects and was selling them without permission. To make matters worse a gremlin from the goblin-town mountain had followed him and caused further grief at his expense. Given the circumstances of this misconduct appropriate punishment had to implemented and it nearly cost him his registry at the academy. However, the discovery of the gremlin and an understanding of his flawed morals due to his previous surroundings only led to a brief suspension.
Snag was given time to reflect on his actions and has returned as a more considerate goblin. This may be his last chance however.

:bulletred: [Ability(ies)/ Power(s)] :bulletred:
Awkward inventor: Snag has a creative mind with the wits and strength to make his creations come to life, but only to an extent. His ambitious projects are flawed and are prone to backfiring. The most obvious example of this being his self crafted vehicle 'The hobgoblin'. A flying machine based on a design made by his brother and modified to do more than it should. The vehicle has undergone many iterations and repairs. 

:bulletred: [Items/ Belongings] :bulletred:

The hobgoblin: A flying vehicle equipped with the messiest and loudest engine, and a pair of arms for an odd utility. This vehicular monstrosity is Snags go-to method of transport and showboating. He rarely goes anywhere without it.

Flex-wrench: A unique tool of his design with a narrow, flexible neck that can extend. Also has a blunt hammer head for extra utility.

Toolbox: A simple toolbox with your average and not so average tools for getting the job done, no matter how big or small.

Alchemists satchel and glass vial: Filled with the basics and then some for the brewer on the go. Snag has also stuffed a small bowl and masher for potions on the go.

Gold satchel: A keepsake of extreme value from Goblin-town. It is filled with real solid gold coins.

:bulletred: [Weakness(es)/ Downside(s)/ Allergy(ies)/ Health concern(s)] :bulletred:
Snag is rude and has very little manners. His idea of a good conversation is usually about his exploits and ideas, he will however try to brownnose anyone he fears/needs.
As someone who spent the majority of his life inside of a mountain his daytime vision is rather poor and he cannot adjust to glaring sunlight. He also burns easily.
Lastly Snag is terrified of dragons. This is due to legends and folklore of the dragons devestation of goblin-town in years past and forced them underground. A dragons greed is deadlier than a goblins.

:bulletred: [Guide / Familiar / Pet] :bulletred:
Grep the gremlin

Grep is a small red and brown gremlin standing at 2' even in height. Grep is unique in that it was dejinxed a while back, allowing it to be visible by anyone. 

:bulletred: [Homeroom class] :bulletred:

:bulletred: [Dorm room] :bulletred:
Floor 2 room 10

:bulletred: [Optional information] :bulletred:

Sexual orientation: Asexual.

Family: Snookers Snig: Snag's eldest batch brother. He is a brutish thug that lacks in smarts but more than makes up for it in strength. He works as a butcher in goblin-town and is the major influence behind Snag's all meat diet.
            Arby Snig: Snag's most successful batch brother. He is an inventor like Snag and is responsible for creating safer flying machines for subterranean use. He is so far Snag's first goal to surpass.

-The colour pink

-Most fruits and vegetables
I feel like I've been caught in some sort of loop lately. I join something to have a bit of fun with my drawing, devote an entire day of thought to making a character and submit... only to have it die out immediately along the way. Perhaps its time I just made designs for fun again and get back into practice before getting involved with anything again. With this in mind I'm going to drop out of all groups I am currently a part of and reserve my ocs for future use elsewhere. Perhaps draw some scenarios from their own respective errr... Perspectives. I'm not sure as of yet. Gooday to all or evening in you live in the future land of elsewhere. 
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Contrary to what most may believe I am not that funny... in art that is... However! Things do change!. But for now we just have themediocre stylings that we call my drawings! Which arnt that funny...

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